MOROCCO SERIES: Casablanca, Expectations vs. Reality

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Sure Moroccan tea is the best tea I’ve ever had in the world but there’s more to this country than just that. Having no visa requirement for Filipinos to travel to , me and my brother seized the opportunity to explore this beautiful country for two weeks.

woman selling at the market in casablanca morocco
A woman selling her products in a market in Casablanca.

Morocco is a not-so-popular-destination-for-backpackers but I’m telling you, it’s been a life-changing adventure.

port of casablanca in morocco
We stayed at a hotel near Port Casablanca.

We started our Moroccan journey in its largest city, Casablanca, the gateway to this North African nation. I flew there expecting a place of cinematic romance but it was just a port city. Aside from a few sites, Casablanca is a boring city and it wasn’t what I imagined it to be. I blame myself, perhaps I just had too much “Casablanca” fix.

Casblanca’s weather was humid so my brother and I stayed there for just one day, enough time for us to walk around the city center. We didn’t get the chance to explore all its sites (which are only a few) but we were able to go to a café and indulged in Moroccan tea and some tagine.

pigeons and fountain in the city center of casablanca

Moroccan tea became an instant favorite and I think it took away all the disappointment I had with Casablanca and got me pumped up about starting the real journey around the country.

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