Remembering Notre Dame Cathedral

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My fondest memory of Paris was not a romantic rendezvous at Eiffel Tower but a spriritual rediscovery at the famous Notre Dame Cathedral.

tourists flocking in front of notre dame cathedral
Notre Dame Cathedral didn’t run out of tourists.
front view of the top of the notre dame cathedral
Looking up.

Braving through the cold winter afternoon, I had to test my patience waiting in a long queue of tourists eager to get in the cathedral to take a look at its majestic interior and learn its historical significance.

When I finally got in, we were only allowed a few minutes to explore. I went around but stayed on to attend the last French mass for that day. I don’t go to mass as often as I should but that particular ceremony, even though I only understood a few words, was a magical experience that took me back to the Renaissance.

facade of notre dame cathedral in paris france

Hearing the news of the fire that destroyed the cathedral yesterday was an emotional blow. The cathedral is not just a figure of literature where a hunchback lived nor is it an architectural masterpiece but an icon of faith for the those who believe.

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