The quaint city of Vientiane

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Although not as popular with backpackers as compared to Thailand and Cambodia, I went to Vientiane, the capital of Laos, to spend two days to so I could have my passport stamped because my maximum stay in Thailand was about to expire.

Tuktuks, bicycles and motorbikes are common modes of transportation in Vientiane.

True enough, Vientiane is a sleepy city compared to its more metropolitan counterparts but it doesn’t lack in beauty and culture. The food is similar to Thai fused with a few French influences.

From Bangkok, I took a sleeper train going to Nong Khai that arrived in the morning. I went through the immigration process at the Thai border then rode another train to Thanaleng, Laos, some 13 km outside Vientiane. From there, a minivan took us to downtown Vientiane.

Passengers waiting for their bus at the terminal.
A temple in Vientiane.

Alternately, you can also take the bus or taxi directly from Nong Khai to Vientiane.

If you’re into quiet cities, try going to Vientiane.

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