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Wow! Maldives vibe in the Philippines! | Island Garden City of Samal

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I originally intended to go to Canibad in the Island Garden City of Samal that day but my habal (single motor) driver persuaded me to go to this new resort in Kaputian. He was even proud to tell me that it was a beautiful resort with only a P60 entrance fee.

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After a long prodding, I was convinced to abandon my desire to cliffjump at Canibad and instead go to Uraya. I’ve heard about Uraya Resort because my brothers spent an overnight stay there a few weeks ago bringing with them their own tent. When we got there, I was surprised that the entrance fee was at P150 (it was a little pricey, I think) but I was already there so I just went in.

Inside, there were only a few people enjoying their afternoon siesta at the open tables and there were a few men working on the hut located a few meters away from the beach front. If you are keen on taking your beautiful profile pictures for your social media, then this hut is your paradise. It sends you a vibe as if you’re in one of the luxury resorts in Maldives.

the hut walkway maldives uraya resort island garden city of samal

I got there during low tide (why am I always late to the party!). The resort is beautiful but I have to note the sea floor has a muddy texture so expect a slimy feel on your feet. There are open cottages for P500 that are perfect for small group walwalans but I think overnight fees are different.

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DAY TOUR-150.00 PHP per head(Time 4:00 AM – 10:00 PM only)

OVERNIGHT -250.00 PHP per head(Time 4:00 AM – 12:00 PM of the following day)


Starting point is in Davao City. Ride a jeepney or taxi going to Sasa Wharf then take a ferry going to Samal (P10 fare). At the port, ride a habal-habal (single motor) and ask the driver to take you to Uraya Resort. Round trip is at P500, good for 2 (or 3, I guess) and you can request your driver to wait for you if you are not staying overnight.

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