Food War: Pinoy vs. Myanmar

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Think about it. Myanmar’s neighbors are Thailand, India, Bangladesh and China so I was surprised that this country has a lot more in common with the Philippines than I initially thought.

overlay myanmar food
overlay of myanmar food
An overlay of Myanmar food on the table

Like Pinoy food, theirs is a showcase of regional influences probably because like the Philippines, they are made up of many ethnicities. And their food tastes a lot more Pinoy, only a little salty. Take a look at the food in Yangon.

people lining up for food

Like Pinoy food, theirs isn’t photogenic. And like Filipinos, there’s just so much oil in their food.

oily myanmar food praw
oily myanmar food
myanmar food with sauce
Like Pinoys, Myanmars also love saucy food.

They sure love meat.

meaty myanmar food

And dried fish.

myanmar food dried fish

The only difference is, they like their salad as appetizer. It’s unlimited, just ask the server if you want more.

vegetables myanmar food
Does that dip remind you of bagoong or ginamos in Visayas and Mindanao?

Lots and lots of pre-packed salad!

myanmar food rice
Don’t forget the rice!
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